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The Exeter College Summer Programme offered a vibrant and collaborative experience that I will never forget. Aside from developing many friendships and being immersed in the city of Oxford, I grew as a scholar through excellent mentorship and instruction from a diverse and engaging group of lecturers, and also benefitted from the merits of a global classroom. I will forever be grateful for the welcoming community at Exeter, and for being able to take part in its many traditions. Floreat Exon!

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Katelyn from the University of Maryland Degree: Government/Politics and Philosophy (minor in Music Performance - Bassoon), ECSP Courses: Representing the Migrant Experience and Jurisprudence

Participating in this programme was extremely challenging and tiring, but also extremely fruitful. We interacted with students from all over the world and we encountered numerous intellects that were so brilliant. The professors were all so enthusiastic about the subjects they teach. Despite all the work load, we were still able to find time to travel all over England. The possibilities are endless! The Programme Ambassadors were fantastic. This is a  once in a lifetime experience. 

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Jerome from the National University of Singapore, Degree: Chemistry, ECSP Courses: International Relations and Quantum Mechanics

The Exeter College Summer Programme was an absolutely amazing experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone that is considering studying abroad. The faculty in charge of the execution of the program and the Oxford students that were there to help were incredibly open and kind; I felt comfortable coming to them with any questions or just for a chance to catch up. England is a stunning country and there is so much to explore both within Oxford and outside the city. There was a wonderful balance of challenging academics and fun activities such as museums, games, tours, cultural events, and day trips to London and Bath. I came back to my home university with a change in perspective and of course, some fantastic stories to tell. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have! 

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Serena from Rice University, Degree: Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, and Linguistics (Minor Neuroscience), ECSP Courses: Neuroscience and Literatures of Modernism

The Exeter College Summer Programme was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.  It was a privilege to meet, study, and work with such a wonderful group of students, professors, and staff from all over the globe.  This community pushed me not only to become a better student, but also to flourish in Oxford’s challenging, engaging, and beautiful environment.

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Rachel from the University of Maryland Degree: Government and Politics/Spanish Language and Cultures, ECSP Courses: Development Economics and Jurisprudence

The Exeter College Summer Program has been a life changing experience. Even though it was only 6 weeks I feel like I got way more out of it. Oxford is an amazing place and this summer program helped me gain an unparalleled experience that I would have not been able to get elsewhere. All in all, the program consisted of the right mix of academic and social activities with an emphasis on education. The teaching staff were impressive and the PA’s did a great job of making everyone feel welcome. Living at Cohen Quad felt like living in a hotel! 

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Aditya from Northeastern, Degree: Finance and Economics ECSP Courses: Development Economics and Political Philosophy

It was one of the best academic experiences of my life. I still keep in touch with my friends from the program and have traveled with some since. The program provided me with numerous academic, cultural, and social experiences that have shaped how I approach my life now. This program was incredible because it is the only summer program run by Oxford and the summer term allowed me study abroad.  It feels designed for people like me, who cannot study abroad during the academic year and want to be challenged while studying abroad. There is something about Oxford in particular that made me feel so lucky to be there, an intangible that made me never want to leave. I would love to help others have similar experiences.

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Maggie from Tufts University, Degree: Cognitive and Brain Science and International Relations ECSP Courses: Neuroscience and Development Economics

The Exeter College Summer Program broadened and deepened my understanding of Machine Learning and Political Philosophy and allowed me to interact with some of the best thinkers and researchers in these fields. ECSP was academically rigorous but also incredibly nurturing. The entire program was geared towards allowing students to learn and grow. Besides the academics, the program was a great opportunity to explore Oxford, England, and Europe in general. Tours and activities organized by the PA’s gave us a taste of what it is like to live and study in Oxford. ECSP is perfect for anybody looking for a simultaneously academically challenging and culturally enriching summer. 

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Adam from Harvard, Degree: Computer Science and Philosophy, ECSP Courses: Machine Learning and Political Philosophy

Never have I met such a diligent, hardworking, and FUN bunch of students! The Exeter College Summer Programme provides not only an intellectually and culturally stimulating environment, but you will also find like-minded people from all over the world who dare to share their passion, talent, and brilliance.

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Junna from the University of British Columbia, Degree: International Relations, ECSP Courses: History of Migration and Development Economics

The ECSP was a vital part in my academic career. I am in a three year program at McGill which doesn’t leave much time to study abroad. However, here is a program offered at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, taught by eminent academics and it’s in the summer – I just had to throw my hat in the ring! And what do you know, the son of Iranian immigrants somehow made it to Oxford. Just saying that out loud gives me the chills. If studying abroad matters to you, but so does studying at your home university, ECSP is not a compromise; it is the perfect marriage. 

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Cyrus from McGill, Degree: Economics and Maths, ECSP Courses: Quantum Mechanics and Political Philosophy

This was six-weeks of world-class authentic Oxford experience! I came across a lot of new and fresh ideas, thoughts and knowledge from instructors and classmates of different education and cultural backgrounds. Various academic and leisure activities, including a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre and a game of football at Arsenal FC, have greatly broadened my horizons and helped me revisit and redefine myself. I will always remember this wonderful summer.

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Yuhao from Mercyhurst University, Degree: Intelligence Studies with minor in Asian Studies and Business Administration, ECSP Courses: Histories of Migration and International Relations

My experience with the Exeter College Summer Programme has played a role in not only helping me both rekindle my academic efforts and redirect them toward an academic and career path that I genuinely enjoy, but also engendering a personal questioning of my identity, the way I relate to others, and the way I aspire to live. With regards to the program and its academics, the British system of not only lectures but also seminars and tutorials for each course provided me with the chance to experience small-group learning unlike any other academic program I had experienced prior, therefore providing the opportunity to truly grapple with the material due to close interactions with instructors and peers; more personally, the program made me question and helped me redirect my learning methods in terms of understanding how to approach the question: how to learn. In addition to the academics, that which makes this program even more memorable were the brilliant relationships I was able to form with people ranging from other students from countries like Hong Kong and Singapore to the recent Oxford graduates who organized social activities, while overall providing an introduction to the beauty of British and Oxonian culture.

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Cynthia from Yale University, Degree: Psychology, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics & Data Science, ECSP Courses: Development Economics and Literatures of Modernism

The summer at Exeter offered an insider’s perspective on Oxford at its finest. Courses were demanding, intense, yet most rewarding, and routine encounters with the brilliant minds that give this gorgeous city its soul turned the whole experience into pure enjoyment. I was lucky to be left at the end feeling bound to the college and its amazing people, and only more eager to return and carry this journey further on.

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Danyu from the University of Hong Kong, Degree: Engineering, ECSP Courses: Jurisprudence and Machine Learning