FAQ | The Exeter Summer Programme

Frequently Asked Questions


How many lecture courses can I take?
You take two, comprising 24 lectures (2 x 12) and 12 seminars (2 x 6) and 8 tutorials (2 x 4).

Which classes am I in?
We will confirm your course enrolment by e-mail immediately after you have paid your Programme fee.

How often do my classes meet?
Each course meets on average 4 times per week for a total of 10hrs/week.

How many contact hours?
Throughout the Programme, you will have a minimum of 55hrs contact teaching, 6hr evening lecture series, plus 6hrs of examinations.

Do the subject streams run concurrently?

Can I see the course syllabi?
Yes. Course syllabi are accessible through our website. If you need to see a syllabus in order to petition for credit, you may have your Study Abroad Department request a copy from us at summer.programme@exeter.ox.ac.uk.

Do I need to buy books?
The general rule is that you do not need to buy books. Required texts will be available in the Exeter College Library. However, you should check the course syllabi carefully for any pre-arrival reading.


Who can apply?
Exeter invites applications from students in full-time higher education with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3, or equivalent, who will have completed at least one year of undergraduate study by the start of ECSP.

When is the deadline?
June 1st is the deadline for applying to ECSP. However, we operate a rolling application process and competition will be strong, so you are advised to apply early.

How soon will I hear?
You will usually receive an admissions decision within two weeks of submitting a complete application.

How do I confirm my place?
To confirm your place on ECSP you must pay your Programme fee.

Costs and Finance

How much does the Programme cost?
The Programme fee is £6,100

What is included in the Programme fees?
The Programme fee includes all your tuition, accommodation for the duration of the Programme, full meal plan, activities and excursions and membership of Exeter College’s Summer Programme alumni association. Please visit the ‘Fees’ page for more information.

How do I get money in the UK?
We recommend that you bring about £100 cash with you to cover your immediate needs on arrival in the UK and for the first few days.

It is a good idea to bring a credit or debit card with you to draw cash and to pay for major items. Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere in the UK.

American Express and Diner’s Club are less widely used than Visa and MasterCard. Make sure you know your four digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) as you’re likely to be asked to enter it in most stores. We also strongly advise you contact your bank before leaving your home country so that they do not block your card once you arrive and to discuss the most cost effective way of drawing cash and making payments in the UK.

Remember, you will be charged for drawing cash in the UK by banks and card operators.

Arrival and Departure Information

How do I get to/from Oxford?
Travel to Oxford from the major airports and London is quick and easy. Please see the ‘Arriving in Oxford’ page for more details.

When is registration?
Registration takes place on Sunday 30th June from 1pm to 4pm at the Cohen Quadrangle.

When can I check-in?
You can check-in from 1pm on Sunday 30th June. We cannot accommodate early arrivals. If you are arriving in Oxford before check-in, you will need to find your own interim accommodation.

When do I have to check out?
You must check-out by 11am on Saturday 10th August.



Where will I live?
You will live in single, en suite accommodation at Cohen Quadrangle in central Oxford.

Do I need to bring bed linen?
No. Linens and towels will be provided and changed regularly for you.

Do I need to bring cooking equipment?
No. There are communal kitchens complete with pots and pans for recreational cooking.


Can I travel independently?
Yes. Many students take advantage of Oxford’s location and transport links to travel within the UK and to continental Europe. The Programme Ambassador’s will help you plan to travel independently. You will have time to travel at the week-ends, or after the end of the Programme.

Do I need a visa to travel outside the UK?
This depends on your nationality. You must check prior to travel with the visa and immigration department(s) of the country(ies) you are intending to travel to. It is your responsibility to make any necessary visa arrangements.

What to Pack

Travel documents
Don’t forget your passport, Visa Letter, travel insurance, air tickets, address and phone number for the Exeter College Summer Programme! We strongly recommend that you make copies of these documents and keep them separately from the originals.

As part of your immigration clearance to enter the UK you may be asked for additional supporting documents. Please visit our ‘Insurance and Visa Information’ page for more information. If you have an official photo ID, we recommend you bring this with you to use in the UK in place of your passport, which can be kept securely at Cohen Quadrangle.

Electrical Equipment and laptops
If you have a laptop we recommend you bring it with you. You will have WIFI access throughout the College sites at the Cohen Quadrangle and Turl Street. Using internet communication interfaces such as FaceTime is a good and free way to keep in touch with family and friends at home. The College allows reasonable internet bandwidth usage, but restrictions will be imposed if we notice high usage outside the realms of what is deemed acceptable.

All electric and electronic devices including laptops should comply with UK health and safety regulations. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) will be conducted early in the programme and devices which do not comply with these regulations will be removed and may only be returned at the end of the programme.

UK weather is well known to be unpredictable! We hope for summer sunshine, but we recommend you bring something to keep warm and dry. One essential is a comfortable pair of shoes for sightseeing in Oxford and other UK cities.

Although there isn’t a ‘dress code’ for Formal Dinners, the expectation is that you will be smart and these are occasions for dressing up! Traditionally, cocktail dresses, suits and ties are worn.

Communications and the Internet

Will I have access to the internet?
Yes. You will be given access to the internet. The Cohen Quadrangle is fully WIFI enabled and has fixed-point internet access in every bedroom, and the Turl Street site is largely WIFI enabled.

Is there a bandwidth limit?
The College allows reasonable internet bandwidth usage, but restrictions will be imposed if we notice high usage outside the realms of what is deemed acceptable.

Can I receive post?
Yes. The postal address is:
Your Name C/O the Exeter Summer Programme, The Cohen Qudrangle, Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HE, UK

Will my mobile phone work in the UK?
We recommend you check with your service provider before travelling if your mobile phone can be used in the UK, but be aware that ‘roaming’ charges can be exceptionally high, especially for data use. An alternative is to buy a phone in the UK with a ‘pay as you go’ tariff. Phones can be purchased inexpensively and the tariff gives you control over how much you spend. The PA’s can help you do this on arrival in Oxford.

Visa and Insurance

Do I need a visa?
This depends on your nationality. Please visit our ‘Insurance and Visa Information’ page for more details.

Do I need travel or health insurance?
We strongly recommend that you have adequate insurance to cover you while traveling and while in the UK. Please visit our ‘Insurance and Visa Information’ page for more details.